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Perforated Metal Factory of Hebei Zhenxing Jinyuan Wire Mesh Group Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Hebei Zhenxing Wire Mesh Group.It is a processing, sales, shipping wire mesh company. Our company constantly develops domestic and international market, earns about 10 million yuan each year. Company owns more than 100 people of sales and logistic team member. The high quality and service won the recognition and trust of domestic and oversea customers. Now become the largest and the most influential wire mesh sales and logistics center. in South China Region. Our company consists of sales, finance, warehouse logistics department.It has a ten thousand square meters freight transfer wareh...More >>

  • Railway Noise Walls

    Railway Noise Walls Feature:High coefficient of sound absorption: the Max. Coefficient is 0.95.
  • Road Noise Walls

    Constructing or increasing the height of a barrier wall could result in a noticeable decrease in tra...